The Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award

Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award

The Peter Rawlinson Award has been established in recognition of Peter's outstanding contribution as an environmental campaigner, researcher and teacher, and of his untiring work for many conservation organisations — especially ACF, where he was vice-president, treasurer and councillor.

The Peter Rawlinson Award was established in memory of ACF councillor Peter Rawlinson who tragically died at the age of 48 undertaking fieldwork on the island Anak Krakatau, Indonesia.

Peter was a tireless environmental campaigner, zoologist, researcher and university lecturer in biological sciences at LaTrobe University. He spoke out on many conservation issues and was committed to the ACF as a councillor, treasurer and vice-president. Peter demonstrated particular respect for those who fought environmental issues from a voluntary, grass roots position. In recognition of this, the Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award was established as an annual acknowledgement of an outstanding contribution of an individual or group to the conservation of the Australian environment.

The ACF Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award is available annually and consists of $3000 and a commemorative plaque. The award acknowledges the outstanding voluntary contribution of an individual or group aiding Australia’s conservation efforts

This year's Peter Rawlinson Award Winner is Glenn Beutel, a man who took on a coal mining giant and won.

Announcement of the Award

The award is announced on 5 June 2013 – World Environment Day.


Individuals or not-for-profit groups that have contributed on a mainly voluntary basis to the conservation of the Australian environment are sought. Staff and Council members of ACF are ineligible for nomination.

Judging criteria

The award will recognise significant voluntary individual or group achievements in the area of conservation of the environment, and the efforts made by dedicated people acting way beyond their professional requirements and boundaries. Consideration will be given to the significance of the issues addressed, the outcomes, the degree of difficulty in achieving them, and the level of personal commitment involved. The selection committee have been heartened to see the nomination of many worthy individuals and groups and to recognise the extraordinary effort and success of many of those nominated. 

Past winners include:

  • 2011 Fraser Island Defenders Organisation (FIDO) & Bundy on Tap
  • 2010 Newcastle climate activists Rising Tide
  • 2008 Environmental lawyer Stephen Leonard
  • 2007 Indigenous nuclear campaigner Kevin Buzzacott
  • 2006 Biodiversity champion Clive Crouch
  • 2005 Louise Morris
  • 2004 Brian Purdue and Dennis Hirst
  • 2003 Nina Brown
  • 2002 Beth Schultz and Peter Robertson
  • 2001 John Corkill and Dailan Pugh
  • 2000 Frances Bray and Keith Campbell
  • 1999 Chris Harris
  • 1997 Jacqui Katona
  • 1996 Elaine Cohen
  • 1995 Jill Redwood
  • 1994 Margaret Thorsborne
  • 1993 David Allsop
  • 1992 Matthew Jamieson