Climate change & energy

Climate change threatens our wellbeing, environment and economy. We can cut carbon pollution, create jobs and shift to clean energy that lasts forever, like wind and solar.

What is climate change?

Climate change is the consequence of unchecked pollution. When carbon emissions caused by human activity enter the air they have dangerous effects on the environment, the economy, and our wellbeing. 

The truth about the carbon price

Ever since – and even before – Australia started putting a price on pollution in July 2012, laws on climate action have been under attack from those who have for too long been able to pollute for nothing. Many Australians are concerned but confused about the threat of climate change and what Australia is doing to tackle it.

Clean energy solutions

The transition to a clean energy economy is slowly ramping up in Australia. Find out what’s happening now and how we are investing in a clean energy economy.

The Climate Reality Project

Our Climate Reality Project presenters help citizens around the world discover the truth about the climate crisis and take meaningful steps to bring about change

Fossil fuel subsidies

Australian taxpayers subsidise fossil fuel-friendly tax breaks for miners. With your support we now have a real price on pollution. We suspect Australians think there are better ways to spend our taxes than handouts to the country's biggest polluters.