Land & forests

Australia's biodiversity is the nation’s life support system. We need to protect our important native forests for future generations, and seek action to reverse the decline of our ecosystems.

Protecting Tassie's ancient forests

After decades of conflict environmental groups have negotiated a forestry peace agreement with the timber industry and unions, which is now enshrined in law.

Wonderland Escarpment, Grampians National Park

Connectivity conservation

Traditional approaches to nature conservation — protecting and managing remnant habitats in national parks and reserves — are critical, but are not enough. We need innovative new approaches to safeguarding nature that restore and protect connectivity across land tenures and across the landscape.

Protecting our national parks

Across the country, our national parks are being opened up to logging, mining, grazing and shooting. State governments are damaging the places Australians love like our reefs, rainforests, bushland and beaches.

Tasmanian Forest Agreement FAQs

We answer some of the most common questions asked about the Tasmanian Forest Agreement.