Sustainable living

We work to protect Australia’s natural environment alongside  sustainable solutions for our built environment.

Connected by nature

We all breathe the same air and drink the same water. We use the same sunlight to grow our food. Nature is our life support system. For our health and happiness and for our planet, we need to reconnect.

A national urban policy

In March 2011 the Federal government invited submissions on the development of a national urban policy. ACF’s submission focuses on the following as key elements for making our cities more ecologically sustainable and liveable.

Creating sustainable cities

Imagine Australian cites as having exceptional public transport, low levels of pollution, locally produced renewable energy, ambitious energy and water conservation programs, a focus on local food production and a vibrant community-based culture. Let's make it real.

Clean, green transport future

If we’re going to insulate Australians from the impact of climate change, rising petrol prices and the transport needs of a rapidly growing population, a greater investment in public transport systems is essential. What are the challenges?

Population and the environment

Human population growth is not only a significant threat to our quality of life, but to the very ecological systems that sustain our unique environment. If we make a commitment to pursuing and promoting policies that stabilise population and consumption levels, we can transform our economy and restore our precious biodiversity.