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If you are a journalist with an enquiry for ACF feel free to contact the following campaigners and spokespeople.

Ph: 03 9345 1111
Fax: 03 9345 1166

Media enquiries
Josh Meadows
Position: Media Adviser
Phone 03 9345 1109 or 0439 342 992

For general enquiries use our Contact form.

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Climate change is the greatest threat facing our planet. We can stop it, but only by working together to make major reductions in the amount of pollution we create.

Australia's biodiversity is the nation’s life support system. We need to protect our important native forests for future generations, and seek action to reverse the decline of our ecosystems.

New economics thinking and practice can help us reassess the ways our health and happiness is measured, sustainably.

Our vision for northern Australia is to help ensure that any development in the region is both sustainable and based on the support and consent of Traditional Owners.

Our rivers are our lifeblood and our oceans are the most diverse on Earth. We campaign to keep the water flowing in our rivers and to protect our oceans’ treasures by establishing marine national parks.

We work to protect Australia’s natural environment alongside  sustainable solutions for our built environment.

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Charles Berger

Position: Director of Strategic Ideas
Phone: 03 9345 1173
Spokesperson's picture

Lindsay Hesketh

Position: Forests Campaign Coordinator
Phone: 0418 655 551
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Tony Mohr

Position: Climate Change Program Manager
Phone: +61 408 806 206
Twitter: @ACFTonyMohr
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Simon O'Connor

Position: Economic Adviser
Phone: 03 9345 1106 or 0488 386 307
Blog: Simon's blog
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Paul Sinclair

Position: Healthy Ecosystems Program Manager
Phone: 03 9345 1117 or 0409 004 651
Blog: Paul's Blog
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Dave Sweeney

Position: Nuclear Free Campaigner
Phone: 0408 317 812
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Ruchira Talukdar

Position: Healthy Ecosystems Campaigner
Phone: 03 9345 1123 | 0438 547 786
Twitter: @Ruchira_ACF
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Denise Boyd

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James Norman

Position: Northern Australia Media and PR Adviser
Phone: 03 9345 1210
Twitter: @@JamesCNorman