Churches and conservationists tackle climate change

The National Council of Churches has joined with ACF to call for action from individuals, churches and governments to tackle dangerous climate change.

With support from the Uniting Church and Catholic Earthcare, ACF and the NCCA have produced a brochure, Changing Climate, Changing Creation, which is being distributed this week to churches across the country.

"Care for the environment is a critical issue in our time. While we don't understand everything, we do know that human activity is doing great, and maybe irreparable, damage to our home, the earth. There are undeniable links between environmental degradation and poverty, an injustice we are called to overcome, from governments to individuals," said Rev John Henderson, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches in Australia.

"Climate change does more than threaten our environment - it threatens our health, our way of life and our economy," said ACF Executive Director Don Henry. "Global temperatures are increasing, placing untold pressure on fragile ecosystems around the world and putting communities at risk. But with the help of individuals in our community, of businesses and with political support, we can prevent dangerous climate change."

Christian groups elsewhere are getting active on climate change. European churches are lobbying the world's leaders in advance of next month's G8 meeting and urging churches, communities and governments to take action to prevent dangerous climate change. For more information visit the European Christian Environmental Network website. In the US, Christian groups have also increased their activity. For more information, click here.

The Changing Climate, Changing Creation brochure encourages Australian Christians to:

write to or visit their federal MP and ask what they are doing to address the threat of climate change

find out more about reducing energy and water usage and waste at home

take action on climate change within churches and small groups.

Copies of the brochure can be requested from ACF at 03 9345 1131 or to downloaded a copy click here.(pdf 614KB)