ACF Policies

ACF's governing body, the Council, sets the policy framework for the organisation's work.

Policies need to provide a useful guide for staff, Council and our members in their work and the Council has identified that many of the current policies are dated or do not fully refect the environmental or social context in which ACF undertakes its work.

The Council is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of policy and readers need to be aware that the the following policies are under review and that some will be revised and updated as a part of this review.

ACF Policy Statements

1. Motor Emissions (policy under review)

3. Rural Landscape Conservation

4. Antarctica & the Southern Ocean (The Antarctic Region)

5. Kakadu

9. The Great Sandy Region, Queensland

10. Packaging

12. The Conservation of Cetaceans

16. Mornington Peninsula and Westernport Region

21. Great Barrier Reef

24. Nature Conservation on Private Land

25. Boneseed or Bitou Bush

27. Wild and Scenic Rivers

29. Motorised Aircraft and Vessels in Protected Areas

31. Cessation of Mineral Sands Mining on the East Coast of Australia

32. Wilderness Visitor's Code of Behaviour

39. Kangaroo Harvevsting

40. Macropodoid Species

41. National and World Heritage Areas

42. Dingoes

43. Hazardous Chemicals

47. Arid Lands Policy

48. Indigenous Peoples' Land and Water

49. Pollution Prevention Policy

50. Pulp and Paper Mills for Australia

51. Population and Demographic Change

52. Ozone Protection Policy (policy under review)

53. Waste Minimisation Policy

54. Energy Pricing (policy under review)

55. Urban Passenger Transport and Urban Form

56. Coastal Zone Management Policy

57. Tourism

59. Forests

60. Armed Conflict, the Military and the Environment

62. Farming of Native Fauna

63. Farming of Native Flora

64. Wilderness and Indigenous Cultural Landscapes in Australia

65. Trade and the Environment

66. Anti Nuclear

67. Conservation of Australia's Marine Biodiversity

68. Sport

69. Asia Pacific

70. Energy (policy under review)

71. Climate Change Policy (policy under review)

72. Water Policy

73. Better than Growth

74. Renewable Energy (policy under review)
75. Free, Prior and Informed Consent

76.  Sustainable Transport

77. Sustainable Cities