Green building

Welcome to the 60L green building and ACF's green office, a showcase for the future. Find out why this building is like no other and how it has changed the way ACF staff work and live.

Take a 60L building tour

The Australian Conservation Foundation has taken responsibility for organising tours of the 60L Building. Tours are available weekdays from 4pm led by a trained volunteer tour guide. There is a limit of 10 people per tour and a maximum of two tours can operate on the same day. The meeting point for tours is the ACF office on Level 1.

ACF building

Find out how 60L was conceived

60L is the premier green commercial building in Australia, unique in its approach to energy and water consumption, and the use of recycled and re-used materials. 60L shows how we can achieve a commercially viable, healthy, low energy, resource efficient workplace with minimal impact on the environment.

Sustainable? How exactly?

The 60L green building was designed to minimise its impact on the environment: the building structure, choice of materials; location and physical orientation; the methods to be used by the builders; the way the building would function once completed – all these were considered through the 'lens' of sustainable environmental practice.

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How we went green

As one of Australia's national environmental organisations, ACF decided to use itself as a 'test case', and prove that environmentally sustainable fittings did exist and could easily be incorporated into offices. By using itself as a role model, ACF can demonstrate in simple and practical ways how other offices can go green.

Why 60L has a unique green lease

Turning your home or office green can be easy - as long as you are the owner/occupier, and the one making the decisions. But what happens when someone else lives in your home, or rents your office space? How can you make sure that the tenants are as committed to the principles of environmental sustainability as you?