Milo Dunphy leads Prince Philip and other ACF people through the bush.

Our history

The story of ACF is one of vision and achievement. It is a remarkable history of people and place and bears witness to an environment organisation that is a driving force for change in Australia.

The birth of a conservation foundation

Australia needed a national conservation body. In the mid-1960s ACF was founded; the commitment to achieve a healthy environment for all Australians had begun.

The 1970s and a decade of growth

The 1970s was a decade of increased public awareness of conservation issues. ACF's approach to campaigning became more strategic, active and independent and in 1973, our well-known magazine Habitat was launched. 

Major conservation gains in the 1980s

In the 1980s ACF celebrated a moratorium on commercial whaling and the declaration of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Peter Garrett became president and the decade closed with ACF recognised as the leading national advocate for the environment.

Successes and struggles through the 1990s

The nineties became the ‘Decade of Landcare’ for ACF as the organisation sought to inspire a society that was environmentally responsible. Persevering through a recession, ACF continued to campaign unabated on water and energy issues.

ACF leads the environmental evolution

The noughties became a decade that saw the Australian Conservation Foundation work with the community, business and governments to find solutions to push for action on climate change, the Murray-Darling and Tasmania's magnificent forests.

Changing today for a sustainable future

The beginning of the new decade has so far seen many successes through a challenging financial time for the ACF. Much of the decade remains unwritten, but producing transformative change in Australian society is high on ACF’s agenda.