Take a 60L building tour

ACF tour of the 60L Green Building

The Australian Conservation Foundation has taken responsibility for organising tours of the 60L Building. Tours are available weekdays from 4pm led by a trained volunteer tour guide. There is a limit of 10 people per tour and a maximum of two tours can operate on the same day. The meeting point for tours is the ACF office on Level 1.

The taking of photos is acceptable provided photos are for personal use only but flash photography is not permitted.

Booking is essential:

All enquiries about tours should be made on our contact form.

Details to include:
a) Date of tour
b) Approximate number of attendees (up to 20)
c) Contact details
Bookings should be made at least a fortnight before the tour date.
You should receive a confirmation email at least 3 working days in advance with all the tour details.


Download the 60L Green Building Tour Brochure »