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Australia's environmental problems need lasting solutions. Learn more about our campaigns.

Climate change & energy

Fulled by a pollution crisis, global warming is threatening life. We are working with our community, leaders, business and government to take action. Let's cut pollution and create a clean energy future that's better than today.

Land & forests

Australia's biodiversity is the nation’s life support system. ACF’s land and forests campaign focuses on protecting our unique and important native forests for future generations, and seeking action to reverse the decline of Australia’s ecosystems, securing their capacity to store carbon pollution.

New economics

Our work on new economics aims to advance practical, achievable improvements in economic theory and practice to better promote human wellbeing in an ecologically sustainable way. New economic thinking and practice can help us reassess the ways our health and happiness is measured.

Northern Australia & nuclear free

Our vision for northern Australia sees the protection of the regions unique natural features and recognition and respect for the cultural values and aspirations of the Indigenous people who live there. We work to help ensure that any development is sustainable and has the consent of Traditional Owners.

Oceans & rivers

Our rivers are our lifeblood and our oceans are the third largest and most diverse on Earth. But our rivers and ocean treasures need national protection. We are working to keep the water flowing in our rivers and to protect our oceans’ treasures.

Sustainable living

In addition to ACF's efforts to protect Australia’s natural environment, we have a dedicated focus on sustainable solutions for Australia’s built environment. We are working toward both a clean transport future and a national urban policy that sees living cities fit to live in.