New economics

New economics advances achievable improvements in economic theory and practice to better promote human wellbeing in an ecologically sustainable way. 

We need a new, progressive approach to Australia's quality of life that complements and informs our economic growth. New economic thinking and practice reassesses the way society's health and happiness is measured. Find out about ACF's work in our report Better than growth and discover some of the best thinking from around the world on how we can affect this transformation.

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Jobs in a clean economy

We work with peak organisations to develop initiatives that encourage the creation of clean energy jobs. Our shared aim is to smooth the transition to a clean energy economy and genuinely tackle climate change.

Putting health and wellbeing first.

Personal wellbeing

We are working to promote a public discussion and a national accounting system that reflects what we really value, so we can shift our national priorities towards a more sustainable and happy way of life.

Building a clean economy with solar power

Building a clean economy

We can build a cleaner and more prosperous economy for Australia while protecting and restoring our natural environment.

Valuing our environment

Valuing the environment

Recognising the value of nature is vital to making decisions that guarantee a healthy Australian environment and economy for generations to come.