Northern Australia & nuclear free

Our vision for northern Australia is to help ensure that any development in the region is sustainable, nuclear free and based on the consent and support of Traditional Owners.

Protecting our Kimberley

The Kimberley is under pressure from the natural resource and development sectors to mine for uranium, iron ore, coal, bauxite and gas. We're committed to protecting the Kimberley from inappropriate development and broad scale industrialisation.

A nuclear free Australia

ACF supports a nuclear free future for Australia. We are committed to working with Indigenous landowners, civil society groups and the wider community to end the uranium trade that creates environmental and cultural damage at home and fuels dangerous reactors and nuclear insecurity overseas

Uranium mining in Australia

The nuclear journey begins with uranium mining and 70% of the world’s uranium lies on Indigenous lands.These impacts can be wide ranging and include both environmental and cultural/social and also apply to broader communities. 

Muckaty radioactive dump

A radioactive waste dump has been proposed for Muckaty in the Northern Territory. Its community says no, we support them and you can help too.

Protecting Cape York Peninsula

Protecting Cape York Peninsula’s environment and culture benefits both people and country. A conservation and cultural economy has long term financial benefits for Cape York.

Kakadu National Park

ACF has long campaigned for an end to uranium mining in the unique Kakadu region. Kakadu is Australia’s largest National Park and is World Heritage listed for both its environmental and cultural importance.