Communities across Australia are talking, working, organising and advocating for a healthy environment. They make us proud.

Making a difference with our communities

For over 40 years our communities have worked together as one voice for the environment, promoting solutions through research, consultation, education and working towards a society which protects, sustains and restores the environment.

The Climate Reality Project

 Climate Reality Project Presenters work to educate the public and their communities about the reality of climate change and promote both local and global solutions.


Common Cause

Common Cause explores the role of values and frames in the way we shape our public engagement strategies and practices into the future.


EarthKids is about kids caring and learning about the world they live in. It’s their world, their way and dirtgirl has joined in our EarthKids adventure.

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Spark is a joint initiative of ACF, YMCA and the Dept. of Industry that aims to improve literacy around energy efficiency at YMCA facilities and reach many of the the 2.5 million Australians who use them.

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Powerful partnerships

We build powerful collaborations with others, including businesses, community groups, and Indigenous peoples. Together, we are stronger.