EarthKids care and learn about the world they live in. It’s their world, their way. Join in our EarthKids adventure.

EarthKids will inherit this planet and they are already doing their bit to share it fairer with the other species and plants they share it with.

EarthKids are gardening, recycling, composting, and sharing what they are learning about sustainable living with their parents, friends, teachers, schools and communities, and they want to learn more.

EarthKids have a friend in dirtgirl of dirtgirlworlddirtgirl is a gumboot-wearing girl who grows awesome tomatoes, knows cloud names and drives a big orange tractor. dirtgirl's backyard is full of friends including her best friend is scrapboy, who's a whiz with junk; grubby with her grub’s eye view; ken the weevil, a super stunt star with a healthy fear of heights; roger the rooster; the chicks; and hayman, the monosyllabic scarecrow.

Check out these great games, tips and seasonal fun ideas with dirtgirl.

EarthKids, join in our dirtgirlworld adventure where kids like you are having unreal fun being sustainable!

And we'd love to hear about what fun things you are doing to make your world greener.