The Lifeblood alliance

murray river

Lifeblood is an alliance of community members and groups who together are voices for the Murray-Darling.

Voices for the Murray-Darling is an alliance of groups and community members — from the Basin and metropolitan Australia — who are concerned that Australia’s lifeblood, the Murray-Darling Basin, is severely degraded by decades of over-use of water.

The state of the Murray-Darling is a complex issue with one clear solution: the rivers permanently need more water. The development of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is the most important step in the history of water reform in Australia. Now is the time to get it right with water and take a step towards a sustainable Murray-Darling Basin future

The Lifeblood alliance wants to see this problem addressed through the Murray-Darling Basin Plan to:

  • ensure the plan is based on credible science; and
  • returns enough flows to restore the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin to long-term health.

Members of Voices for the Murray-Darling represent a broad cross section of Australians from the bush to the city: from farmers, irrigators and fishers to advocacy groups for the environment and organisations within the health sector.

Visit the Lifeblood website for more information.