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Dave Sweeney

Contact for comment on uranium mining, dumps and community concerns.

Japanese anti-nuclear march

40,000 march in Tokyo with clear anti-nuclear message for Australia

40,000 plus are marching today in Tokyo against nuclear power with a clear message for Australia to leave the uranium in the ground.


Aboriginal flag

Muckaty says no radioactive dump, six years and counting

Saturday 25 May marked six years since the contested nomination Aboriginal land at Muckaty north of Tennant Creek in the NT as the site of a national radioactive waste dump. Dave Sweeny and Andrew Picone were there to soak up the spirit.

Radiation reader

Postcards from Japan: Hiroshima Dome

In the shadow of the continuing Fukushima nuclear crisis, ACF's nuclear campaigner Dave Sweeney sends this message from Hiroshima.

Fukushima exclusion zone

Postcards from Japan: Fukushima housing

Dave Sweeney sends this message from an ’interim’ accommodation facility housing residents affected by the stricken Fukushima nuclear complex.