Climate change & energy


Should we spend $5.5 billion on solutions or pollution?

Last week, a group gathered on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra. Half were dressed in Victorian-era costumes and half wore bright modern clothes, highlighting the choice the Government currently has: between old coal technology and new renewable energy. 

It was a strong visual statement with a powerful message. 

Together with Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Environment Victoria and the Australian Greens, we called on the Government to remove its excessive handouts to Australia’s dirtiest power stations and instead support renewable energy.

Polluting power stations like Hazelwood are likely to make a windfall from carbon tax compensation. Yet the policy has been on the horizon for a decade, giving polluters ample time to prepare for its introduction.

The excessive compensation is also hampering investment in new renewable technology. 

We think our politicians should invest in solutions, not pollution. What do you think? 

What would you do with that $5.5 billion of compensation?