GreenHome comes to Victorian households

ACF's GreenHome program is coming to Victoria in late-2006, with a series of workshops and events helping householders save water, reduce greenhouse pollution, cut down on waste and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Kicking off in Melbourne's bayside suburb of Frankston with a 6-month community workshop series, GreenHome is a practical program that shows how simple changes made around the home can make a big difference to the environment as well as save people money.

GreenHome tips:

* Replacing one light bulb with an energy-efficient compact fluoro saves around 33kg of greenhouse pollution a year. 

* Composting your food scraps reduces your household's landfill waste by 40%.

* Replacing one shower head with a AAA water-efficient one saves around 44,000 litres of water a year and 2500 kg of greenhouse pollution.

In Parramatta and Bankstown, households who have taken part in the GreenHome workshop series are saving 23 million litres of water per year (equivalent to 23 Olympic swimming pools), saving 1030 tonnes of greenhouse pollution a year (equivalent to the volume of 1030 hot air balloons!) and reducing their waste going to landfill by 30%

Nerida Hrazdil, from Picnic Point, says GreenHome has 'changed her life'. By making simple changes like installing energy efficient showerheads and fluorescent bulbs, turning many electronic devices off at the switch when they are not in use, composting and recycling water in the garden, Nerida has reduced daily water usage by nearly 20%, cut waste going into the garbage by 75% and sliced 30% off the electricity bill.

In Victoria, the GreenHome program is made possible by the support of the Victorian Government, while the NSW GreenHome program is supported by the NSW Government.

Watch this space for dates of the Frankston GreenHome workshop series!