GreenHome Frankston is underway!

ACF’s GreenHome program is being launched in Victoria this year, with Frankston residents being the first to be involved. The Frankston GreenHome series is currently underway and has proved to be so popular with local residents that all the workshop places are taken.

The series started in February and involves six evening workshops over six months, with loads of great tips for helping the environment at home while saving money too. GreenHome workshops provide fabulous giveaways and prizes, and guest speakers to give participants the big environmental picture as well as simple steps for greening their lifestyle.

The first workshop was an introduction to GreenHome and essential tips for saving water in the home and garden. One lucky participant won a rainwater tank, and everyone took home free 4-minute shower timers and toilet flush restrictors.

The workshop on saving energy has just taken place, and participants had the opportunity to hear from Sally Edwards, one of the Al Gore-trained Climate Project presenters, who gave a 20-minute version of the Al Gore climate change presentation, as well as Indy Lingam from Habitat Environmental Education who gave a great presentation on home energy saving tips. Participants also got together with others from their community to discuss ways we can all work together to combat climate change.

Over the following six months, participants will learn how to produce less waste, and compost food waste. They’ll learn how to make their garden a water-efficient oasis, and how to eat, travel, spend their money and clean their home in more environmentally friendly ways. Participants will also get to meet and share green ideas with others in the Frankston area.

ACF is working with Frankston City Council to deliver the GreenHome program, which will be held at the Frankston Arts Centre.

NOTE: This workshop series is full. No new bookings will be taken.