Toxic dump dumped – Victoria on the road to toxic waste free future

The announcement by the Victorian government to abandon plans for a proposed long term waste containment facility at Nowingi and introduce significantly increased landfill levies on hazardous waste has been welcomed by the Australian Conservation Foundation.

“This is a great result for common sense and for the local community who fought long and hard against the proposed facility at Nowingi” said Matt Ruchel, ACF's Land and Water manager.

The proposed containment facility was located between two national parks in high conservation value remnant vegetation, which is the habitat of various threatened species including the Mallee Emu-wren and Malleefowl.

The proposed increases in landfill levies to $250 per tonne will send a clear price signal to industry that it is time to reduce or eliminate hazardous waste, rather than dump it in land fill or containment facilities.

“With the announced increase in levies, the Bracks Government has put Victorian industry on the road towards a toxic waste free future,” Mr Ruchel said.

“The increased waste price will likely ensure a renewed emphasis on waste prevention and new waste management technologies by industry. Government needs to ensure that there is sufficient regulation and through scrutiny to ensure new environmental problems are not created by new technologies or approaches."