Trading scheme must dramatically reduce emissions

The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed the Prime Minister’s taskforce to investigate an emissions trading scheme for Australia, but said any scheme must dramatically reduce Australia’s greenhouse pollution to be effective.

“It’s good to see the Prime Minister setting up a taskforce to look at emissions trading,” ACF Executive Director Don Henry said this morning.

“A well-designed scheme could be a powerful tool to help Australia dramatically reduce greenhouse pollution.

“The proof of the pudding will be in whether a scheme actually delivers dramatic cuts to our emissions.

“If it doesn’t, it will just be shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic and won’t help avert dangerous global warming,” he said.

“Australians are among the world’s worst greenhouse polluters per capita. If we get this wrong, we will add increased costs to industry and consumers without achieving the dramatic cuts in pollution we need to avoid dangerous climate change.

“The Government would be wise to include representatives of business, science and community groups on the taskforce.”

Earlier this year, the Australian Business Roundtable on Climate Change called on the government to introduce a national market-based carbon pricing framework by 2007 and to link the mechanism to a binding target to reduce emissions.