Victoria leads national action on global warming

The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed the Victorian Government's environmental sustainability action statement announced today, signaling a mandatory renewable energy target and resource efficiency legislation for Victoria's top 250 companies.

"The mandatory renewable energy target and regulation requiring strong energy efficiency measures are positive steps that will cut greenhouse pollution now and start building a clean economy" said Don Henry, Executive Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

"The failure of the Federal Government to promote renewable energy is seeing industry move offshore to China and 50 other countries actively supporting the sector. Victoria has thrown the renewables industry a lifeline, which will position the State as a hub of a clean, renewable technology" said Henry.

"Financial incentives for companies to invest in renewable energy are a centerpiece of any credible and responsible climate change policy. I would urge all Australian states and the Federal Government to follow suit."

"ACF has welcomed the State Government's commitment to a White Paper on biodiversity conservation and wider funding for biodiversity, as well as its commitments to using resources more efficiently and reducing waste".

"We also welcome the Government's commitment to the promotion of sustainable living. This means thousands of Victorians households will be encouraged to reduce their environmental footprint and make a real difference to the environment."

"ACF welcomes the Government's commitment to progress Forest Stewardship Council Certification in the state, yet we are still looking for a commitment to protect Victoria's old-growth forests."