Who on earth cares? Cate Blanchett does

Who on earth cares? Well actually, when it comes to climate change, there are a lot of us.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing Australians today. It’s up to all of us – individuals, business and government – to act quickly and do all we can to protect this wonderful country for our kids and future generations. Who On Earth Cares in a new campaign from the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), bringing together Australians from all walks of life who care about climate change. Actor Cate Blanchett launched the initiative in early August from drought-ridden Lake Samsonvale in Brisbane and was the first Australian to sign on at the Who On Earth Cares website.

“Most Australians realise we simply can’t address our drought and water shortages if we
don’t reduce our spiralling levels of greenhouse pollution,” said Ms Blanchett.

“Who On Earth Cares is a wonderful opportunity for all Australians to engage on this issue and be heard,” she explained. The campaign urges people to visit the interactive website and ‘place’ themselves on a map, leave details for others to read why they care and demonstrate active steps they are taking at home to help the environment. Importantly it is made simple for all visitors to send a personalised letter to their local political representative letting them know their thoughts on climate change and encouraging them to make a difference.

“We are the caretakers for this beautiful country. We need to ensure we pass on a healthy Australia to our children and seize this opportunity to build a clean, green and safe environment,” said Ms Blanchett. “If you care about climate change I’d really encourage you to visit and put yourself on our map,” Ms Blanchett added.

After the first days of going live, the campaign attracted over 5,000 Australians who signed up to show they care about climate change. In addition to Cate Blanchett, other prominent Australians who have signed on to the campaign include footballer Chris Judd, TV personality Mark Holden, netballer Liz Ellis, singer Mia Dyson, and comedian radio hosts Merrick and Rosso.

“We hope that Who On Earth Cares will show an amazing community of Australians doing what they can for the environment and encouraging our leaders to do more about this issue,” said Don Henry, Executive Director of ACF.

If you are one of the many Australians who care about climate change, put yourself on the map at