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Environmental promises for 2012 QLD state election

Queenslanders want to know what the parties vying for government in the 2012 state election will do to protect Queensland's precious environmental assets. So we asked them.

Queenslanders care deeply for their environment. From Cape York to uranium mining to sustainability, how the elected government intends to act on these issues will affect how Queenslanders vote on Saturday 24 March.

Here's what the Liberal National Party (LNP), Queensland Greens Party (QGP) and Queensland Labor Party (QLP) said when ACF questioned them on the state's major environmental concerns:

Q1. Will your party publicly commit to continue the Cape York Tenure Resolution process that is delivering lands back to the Traditional Owners and, with their consent, protecting areas of outstanding natural value?

  • LNP: “An LNP Government will work with the Traditional Owners of Cape York to resolve issues relating to land tenure. Our commitment to work with the Traditional Owners of Cape York can be clearly seen in our policy to protect the Cape’s iconic natural areas and areas of high conservation value, balanced with appropriate economic development. The LNP supports World Heritage listing of suitable areas of the Cape in consultation with the Traditional Owners and other stakeholders. We believe it is essential any World Heritage listing has the support and consent of Traditional Owners — the LNP state would be very disappointed if this vital process was bypassed or ignored.”
  • QGP: “Yes”
  • QLP: “If re-elected a Bligh Labor government will continue this very successful and important program.”

Q2. Will your party legislate a ban on nuclear power and uranium mining in Queensland?

  • LNP: “The LNP has no plans for the development of uranium resources in Queensland. We have identified a number of key issues for the state’s resources and energy sector that we believe are of a significantly higher priority than uranium development. The LNP has made it crystal clear that we have no plans to approve the development of uranium in Queensland.”
  • QGP: “Yes” 
  • QLP: “The Bligh Labor Government has had a longstanding policy banning the mining, treatment, or processing of uranium in Queensland. Further in 2007, the Labor government introduced ground breaking legislation that banned nuclear power stations and radioactive waste dumps from being built in Queensland.”

Q3. Will your party commit $20 million per year, to co-finance with the federal government, at least four Sustainable Communities — Liveable Cities precincts in the next term of government, to demonstrate innovation in urban planning, energy efficiency and integrated transport in Queensland?

  •  LNP: No response received to this question from the LNP.
  • QGP: “Yes”
  • QGP: “The Bligh Government is committed to investing in planning, design and capital works projects to encourage sustainability in urban design, increased use of public transport, housing innovation and waste reduction. We are actively pursuing projects under the federal government’s Sustainable Communities — Liveable Cities program, with three active submissions lodged and $1.2 million in funding and works already dedicated by the state. A re-elected Bligh Government will look at further opportunities to partner with the federal government under this important program.”

Q4. Will your party commit to conduct Sustainability Impact Assessments on all major Cabinet decisions and establish an independent Office of Sustainability to conduct these assessments and to provide an annual Sustainability Report to the public?

  •  LNP: No response received to this question from the LNP.
  • QGP: “Yes”
  • QLP: “A re-elected Bligh Government will establish an Office of Sustainability to provide advice to government on sustainability issues and will look to best practice in other jurisdictions to guide its development.”

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Comments (3)

Frederick Walton
23 March 2012 - 1:51pm

It is easy to say yes for the greens as they have no REALITY on whioch to place their platform. If it doesnt suit they are like tarzan and swing t another tree, Providing there are some left!

George Leigh
24 March 2012 - 1:06pm

This page is extremely biased and a disgrace to ACF. The email sent to members also said parties had been asked whether they would put a moratorium on coal seam gas, but the results are not posted on this page.

It is my understanding that the LNP will ban coal seam gas but Labor will not.

It is also a fact that indigenous communities on Cape York are lobbying for the LNP because Labor will declare their land under Wild Rivers legislation against their wishes. I support the Labor policy on this, but ACF cannot claim that it has the complete consent of traditional owners.

ACF should do its utmost to remain apolitical, but this page shows a strong bias to the Labor Party.

Bev Reeves
26 March 2012 - 11:44am

Looks like back to the Bjelke-Peterson years - destroying the environment, money & land to the big companies - including mining; grabbing as much as they can & to hell with the rest [& their descendants].