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Coal seam gas

Australia is experiencing a rapid expansion in coal seam gas mining and exploration, predominantly in Queensland and New South Wales, with some exploration also occurring in Western Australia.

Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining involves drilling wells into seams of coal and injecting a mixture of water and chemicals to cause fractures in the coal which release the CSG.

This process is commonly referred to as fracking. 

There are numerous potential environmental hazards of CSG mining, including;

  • Removal of vast quantities of groundwater in the Great Artesian Basin and Murray Darling Basin;
  • The injection of chemicals into areas around our water supply;
  • The release of greenhouse pollution into the environment; and 
  • Impacts on land use from the rapid expansion of the network of wells.

We are concerned about the potential impacts of CSG mining on the environment and the speed of development of the industry in Australia when these impacts remain largely unknown

ACF supports a moratorium on all CSG mining in Australia until proper scientific studies have been undertaken on the environmental effects of CSG mining and legislation is developed to better protect the environment.

Australia has abundant and largely untapped renewable energy resources that can be used to meet much of Australia’s growth in energy demand.

We should be developing these technologies wherever we can instead of relying too heavily on fossil fuels.

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