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Ad campaign for forest solution

Leading Tasmanain biologist and academic Dr Peter McQuillan features in a  new television and radio ad campaign highlighting the importance and  urgency of protecting Tasmania’s unique native forests.

The advertisements were produced by ACF, Environment Tasmania and the Wilderness Society, three of the signatories to the Tasmanian Forest Principles Agreement.

The ads have started running on commercial television and radio stations across Tasmania.

Dr Peter McQuillan    “I have supported this advertising campaign in order to call on politicians to act now and stop cutting down our valuable native forests,” says Dr McQuillan of the School of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Tasmania.

“Tasmania’s native forests clean our air, safeguard our drinking water and store more carbon pollution than any other forests on earth.

“Our native forests are simply too valuable standing up; let’s stop cutting them down.

“The multi-party forest agreement provides the opportunity to protect these forests and build a sustainable timber industry with secure jobs.”