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The critical decade for climate action is upon us.

As federal politicians negotiate Australia’s first price on pollution, the government’s Climate Commission has released a science update confirming that there is no doubt the climate is changing as a result of greenhouse gases created by human activity.

The Australian Conservation Foundation welcomed the report’s release today.

“This report should help Australians sort out climate fact from climate fiction,” said ACF’s climate change program manager Tony Mohr.

“This report makes it plain there is no doubt the climate is being changed by greenhouse pollution from fossil fuels and deforestation.

“Politicians who attempt to justify inaction by claiming widespread scientific doubt, are trying to justify inaction with a lie.

“It’s time to turn from climate fiction to climate action.

“For politicians arguing about what action to take and when, this report makes it clear the clock is ticking, saying this decade is the critical decade.

“The failure or success of our politicians to act now will determine the damage climate change does to the world and lives of our children and grandchildren.

“For business leaders, this report is a stark reminder of the full costs of climate change impacts that have been overlooked in the short term argument over compensation.

“The fear campaign about costs, being waged by the big polluters and their political allies, must stop.

“Measurements of temperature and greenhouse pollution in the atmosphere are worse than the worst case predicted by earlier climate models,” Mr Mohr said.

“ACF urges all Australia’s political leaders to put aside short-term political thinking and support a strong price on pollution and a move towards a low-carbon economy.”

Read The Critical Decade: full report.