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Expert Verification Group reports provide basis for forest solution

The Australian Conservation Foundation, Environment Tasmania and the Wilderness Society today welcomed the release of the comprehensive verification report under the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement process.

“We welcome this comprehensive and rigorous report,” said Denise Boyd, Campaigns Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

“This will form a sound factual basis for the signatories to work together to reach a lasting agreement that delivers for conservation, industry and the community,” she said.

“Independent scientists have confirmed that the proposed forest reserves are unique and important on a national and global scale. We believe they deserve protection,” said Vica Bayley, Campaign Manager of the Wilderness Society.

These areas provide important habitats for the Tasmanian devil and other threatened species and contain a range of other special values. The report shows the proposed reserves comprise the best of the remaining state native forests,  are globally significant and critical for maintaining Tasmania’s unique natural heritage — Mr Vica Bayley, TWS

The report presents some very sobering facts highlighting real challenges for conservation, industry and communities.

“We remain committed to finalising the forests agreement,” said Dr Phill Pullinger, Director of Environment Tasmania.

“It presents the best chance to achieve an outcome that protects the most important areas of Tasmania's remaining public native forests, to boost Tasmania’s brand and to provide economic gains for Tasmania through a vibrant forestry industry and new opportunities such as carbon storage, tourism and new regional businesses.”

The groups thanked Professor West and the team of experts for the thorough work they undertook in producing these reports.