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Poll: 77% say scrap fuel tax break for mining companies

New polling shows nine in ten Australians (91 per cent) believe the $2 billion given to the mining industry every year in fuel tax credits would be better spent on health and education.

More than three quarters (77 per cent) say the fuel tax credits scheme should be scrapped for mining companies.

“If the government is looking for savings in the budget, the first things that should go are senseless tax breaks that promote pollution,” said ACF CEO Don Henry.

“The fuel tax credit scheme handout to the mining industry costs Australian taxpayers $2 billion a year.

In other words, every Australian taxpayer is contributing $174 a year so companies like BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto can pay little or no tax for their fuel

“While the rest of us pay 38c a litre in taxes at the bowser, these companies are mining the public purse and in the process they are making climate change worse.

“The fuel tax credits scheme costs households a lot more than a price on pollution will.

“The $2 billion that mining companies get every year in fuel tax credits handouts is more than double the federal budget allocation for environmental protection and more than six times the funding for national parks.

“We need to stop putting taxpayers’ money into pollution promotion and start investing in clean energy, like wind and solar, in cleaner fuels and cleaner transport, and in shoring up our natural environment against the threats it faces.”

The study was conducted online with 1,008 Australians aged 18 years and over between 19 and 23 April by Lonergan Research.