National Agenda

Australia’s future can be one of great things. A prosperous, clean, healthy future, one that builds on its past successes and leads the world towards new achievements.

ACF has a vision of a better future. If we act now, together we can build a nation that is better for everyone. Imagine a future where children don’t breathe polluted air and their parents don’t waste time stuck in their cars on congested roads. Our challenge is to create an economy that strengthens our natural life support systems instead of polluting them.

Our core campaign goals are to:

  1. Keep building a Clean Energy Australia. Retain a carbon price, set ambitious targets for cutting pollution and cut wasteful subsidies to fossil fuel industries.
  2. Make stronger laws to protect our environment from poor economic management. Renew Australia’s national reform agenda to protect clean water from pollution and over-use, and acknowledge the interconnectedness of our environment.
  3. Create a safe, science-based plan for Northern Australia. Work with Traditional Owners to develop a sustainable economic vision of Northern Australia, and push back against reckless industrialisation and dumping of radioactive waste.
  4. Build an economy that puts a proper value on our life support systems. Tax pollution, not productivity, rethink how we measure progress and emphasise investment in clean technology.